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September 19, 2007 by relswick
The production studio is out of Clinton Township, aka Metro Detroit! Just amazing. So much cool stuff is made here, yet the exposure for it isn't all that grand. As a side note, I launched my newest podcast, which will be focusing specifically on individuals like the folks at Greenestuff Inc. as well as a variety of others doing wonderful things for my hometown area of Metro Detroit!
December 19, 2005 by relswick
I am about fed up with renting DVDs. It could be my cheap VCR, but since I recently bought a PS2, I decided, next time the DVD stops in the middle of a movie, I will just swith and watch it on the PS2. Well, low and behold, it stops playing at the same damn location on the PS2 as it does on the DVD plyaer

And here I thought it was because I had bought a cheapie DVD player. I have had this happen many a times with the DVDs, enough to be to the point of, when I really want to see a whole m...