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oh yea, my list, yes a bit slanted towards the Dems
Published on November 4, 2008 By relswick In Politics

Top Ten Reasons to be happy the Election of 2008 is over!


10. No more GObama posts...

9. No more commercials or poorly done graphics for local politicians.

8. The introduction to the world of the Socialist Republic of the United State of America.

7. I don't have to feel like I am missing some political news because I am playing Fallout 3!

6. The news can go back to all the wonderful violence in the world.

5. CNN and all the other news channels joins the rest of us in the current recession!

4. No more crazy emails from cousins or arguments at family gatherings or at work, unless you like that.

3. No more dead people voting for 4 more years.

2. The start of the Hillary Campaign for the next election!

1. No more mention of John McCain and Sarah Palin (at least until 2011).

Thanks to all the folks on for helping out with the list!!!

By the way, I posted a while ago when John Edwards dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination that John McCain would win and listed some reason.  At the time, I had not heard of the Bradley Effect, but now I know there is a classification for my belief of why McCain will win.  Of course, Obama has gained a ton of momentum and things may turn out differently, but it is more of a toss up than I expected.

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