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test our missle defense systems while they test their missles.
Published on July 6, 2006 By relswick In North Korea
Hey I know, next missle launch North Korea does, why don't we test out our 'Star Wars' anti-missle defense systems and screw up their test while getting our own test data. Since it is real world, then it will be the best type of test data we could collect.

Then again, the N.Korea missles only made it to the Gulf of Japan, so perhaps, if your a conspiracy theorist, the US did do just that and shot down their missles! hehehe go USA!

on Jul 07, 2006
Good idea man wouldnt that piss them off hahahahahaah
on Jul 08, 2006
If the missile had stayed aloft long enough, you may have just seen that very thing.

42 seconds isn't long enough to triangulate a position...
on Feb 28, 2009

Well... you never know what US weapons were there...