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Some 15 year olds post some thoughts... and what do you believe in?
Published on December 27, 2007 By relswick In Life
So I can across the following... very interesting insight, of course some of it is ageless youth angst of course...

--> post...

Alright people. A few of my friends and I have been talking, and we have created a list of things that people do that deserve to die. I figure I would post them here. I hope everyone that reads this, and does any of these things, thinks about their lives, and how much they suck. If you use any of these for any reason, give proper credit, or I will have your myspace account removed.

I'll start the list with the person who came up with the idea...

Fuck the beauty magazines with their skinny bitch cover models, who look like chemo patients, counting your bones in the mirror is not sexy, and most of us like to eat.

Fuck these angsty punk assholes who think they're the shit, if you were not alive from the years 1977 to 1992, you have no concept of what the subculture is all about, it is now dead, and that's final.

Fuck the dumb rappers who shoot eachother up in the streets for no reason. Name calling is not a good reason to shoot people in the head.

Fuck gay people who try to shove their homosexual agenda into your mouth. You can do what you want, but don't force others to like it.

Fuck black people who cry 'RACIST' every time someone dissagrees with them, or things don't go their way. Sometimes you don't get the job because you just suck.

Fuck the immigrants who break into our country illegally and steal jobs from Americans. We need to work and feed our kids too.

Fuck the education systems that styphle the creativity of the truly gifted. Just because you're dreams didn't come true, doesn't mean you have to destroy the dreams of others.

Fuck the celebriteys and their idiotic political opinon, you're here to entertain, not to lecture.

Fuck the record executives who have destroyed every genre of music by commercializing the hell out of it. Music is an art, not a commadady.

Fuck the television executives for churning out repetative bullshit season after season. There are other concepts besides reality.

Fuck the fashion police who tell you what to wear, and what not to wear. Who the fuck made you an authority on anything?

Fuck the diet pushing fitness club assholes, who try to charge you for jogging indoors. Who are these jackoffs to tell anyone they need to lose wait? That is a personal decision folks.

Fuck organized religion that manipulates the masses into war, only a fool would claim to know what any gods will is.

Fuck the critecs who bash your work. They do it only because they can't do what you can do, and wish they could.

Fuck celebrities too, no one cares about your 'New Baby'. NEWSFLASH: Babies are born daily. Whoopie fucking doo.

uck the so called 'experts' who use hard earned tax payer dollars to tell us something obvious. Like how they say most accidents happen in the home? Wouldn't it be obvious that a place you spend 70% of your life, you'd have the most accidents in? And then they try to get all technical.

"Well, most accidents DO happen at home, and did you know that most of those accidents happen in the bathroom?"

The bathroom you say? A completely tile room thats often wet, you know, electrical devices hanging over a sink or tub filled with water? You know, spare razors lying around? Accidents there? NAW! You guys must be shitting me!

"No its true, and your kitchen is the second most dangerous place in your house"

The kitchen huh? You mean this place is dangerous? A room filled with large amounts of cutting and stabbing materials, including for some reason over sized knives, along with a stove or other peice of technology generating a dangerous amount of heat? Accidents there? No way! I don't believe that for one second!

Well yeah, no shit! And you know what i hate even more? Those assholes who do research, on other researchers, and tell us what i just said in the first sentence i wrote in this post.

"Well experts have announced that another team of experts is using tax payers money for something obvious"

Why do we need a team of 'experts' telling us another team of 'experts' is wasting our money? ISN'T THAT A WASTE OF MONEY?! GOD STUPID PEOPLE!

Fuck these god danm athletes who get paid to toss a football around. Average people do it on the weekends for free, and they don't take steriods!

Next, is...
ANBU Agent:
Fuck the preps who think they are better then everyone else because they're parents have better paying job then my parents.They didn't earn the god damn money so why are the flashing it around?

Next Up...
Fuck you damn critics of videogames. Violent games do not induce violent tendencies, any dumbass knows the difference between killing a virtual demon and killing a real person. CHILDREN ARE NOT AS STUPID AS YOU THINK! And Fuck your "professional" studies. You assholes conduct these tests in situations that are unlike a true gaming environment (someone's room). And as for you guys who want to ban such things, can you say "FIRST AMENDMENT?" How about you let me, or hey, how about my parents who's fucking job it is, decide what I should or should not play? These things are no different than fucking T.V. and movies. "But videogames are interactive." Yeah, well guess which medium has more intense and absorbing story, visuals, theme, and audience? I thought so. So why don't you shut the Fuck up, and let us have our fun.


Next on the list...
Nomeg Stylus:
Double f**k (I can't say I am a Christian and cuss) the education system for basing their analysis of students on completely bull standardized assesment tests. I hate how my college career depends on how I score on the freagin' SAT, despite my GPA or curiculum. Also, look at how state exams are the leading causes of failing rates (not teachers).

Second to last, is...
Kendallad Fire:
F**K those who say America sucks and they would rather live in another country than here when the f**king majority don't even know what's going on in those F**king other countries. "Hey I'd rather live in 'such and such' why I'll tell you f**king why because they don't even know what the hell is going on there. All they F**king know is what is show to them off the media and freaking school. Which does not show all that's going on, why I F**cking tell you why because they're not allowed to, because there afraid of wht might happen if we do know, what would happen if the "young" is exposed to such things. So how about you people who think that get off Your FAT LAZY ASSES and research some damn countries and then tell me whether or not you want to live there now. I'm not saying that America is perfect and such, but before you start speaking shit DO RESEARCH then make some decision on wether or not american sucks so F**king much.

AND F**k those who put a sterotype to every race, social class, "click", groups of people of anything and make wrong every time some one acts out of it. if a black person wants to speak proper english then F**king let them without having someone come up to them calling them, "oreo" and F**king other mess. If a white person wants to speak improper english let them with out being called a "Black wanna be", "wangsta" or "uh-oh oreo" It's not F**king cute nore is it F**king funny." If you wanna say shit about it then F**K you. People should not feel bad every time they're out in public because people wanna say shit about how act. Black people shouldn't feel bad about walking into Hot Topic because they've been told it's a "white people" store (and yes I've met some!!) And every other race shouldn't feel bad about listening to rap because they've been told it's "black people" music and vice versa. Get the f**k over it people. If you don't like it then F**K you.

Finally, that leaves...
ThedragonSeiryu (Me). (I choose to leave my comments uncensored, because they are the truth)
Fuck the people that say Anime is just a cartoon, and is for immature people with no life. Cartoons have no plot, no story, just random skits that aren't funny in the least. Anime has all those, and it is actually possible to get into, and enjoy. I hate you assholes so much, it's not even funny. Also, regardless of what they think, not every anime is Dragonball Z, with its gay shouting matches every two episodes.

Fuck (I'm not religious, so I'll do whatever I want.) the Higher ups who judge you based on ONE thing, even though they never met you. These bitches have never once even said Hello to you, yet they look down on us just because of made up rumors. If you don't like us to our FACE, instead of making up shit. If I wasn't such a passive person, I would have kicked all of your asses years ago for all of my friends you have made fun of.

Fuck people who can't stay out of other people's business. If you hear something, don't go taking it seriously, unless they tell it to your face. 90% of the time, it's just a joke that people will start rumors based on.

Fuck people that say bad things behind other people's backs. Assholes, if you have a problem with me, have enough respect to say it to me, instead of making shit up.

Fuck immature assholes. You know the kind. People who will say a person is a nerd, just because they wear glasses. People who say someone is fat, just because they are packing on a few pounds then you. People who say someone is emo because they don't bottle up their emotions. You know these people. There everywhere. I wish you all would die, but since that won't happen soon, you will continue to hurt people. I honestly feel sad that you exist. We wouldn't have had people like Hitler if it weren't for you idiots.

Fuck people that post chain letters. When I look at something, I don't want people telling me a Teddy bear is going to kill me if I don't repost. I have never done it, yet I still live with not a scratch from any bear, whatsoever. Also, as a side note, Alt + F4 DOES NOT FUCKING SHOW YOUR LOVERS FACE ON YOUR SCREEN! ASSHOLES!!!

That's all for Volume One! Come back next time as we continue to bash stupid people.

on Dec 27, 2007
Fuck gay people who try to shove their homosexual agenda into your mouth.

Interesting choice of wording.
on Dec 27, 2007


I'll add one (obvious from the post):

Fuck spellcheck and grammar and syntax rules. We's da shitz and anyone who don't believe it can kiss our asses!

on Dec 27, 2007
We should age backwards. We should appear as wrinkled cadavers at the edge of the grave, grow backwatds into maturity and youth, and finally evaporate from existence as we sever ourselves into the original sperm and egg. Because that way we'd be young while having wit and self-control enough to do something other than a) create sweaty angst-ridden rants like these; and shoot fellow teenagers in our schools.
on Dec 28, 2007
@Texas - nice missed that one.

@Gideon - No sure if they intended to write in that fashion on purpose or not, but yup. Teenagers.

@ IceCream - I told one of them pretty muc the same thing, that to rant is fine, but there are better ways to write it.
on Mar 04, 2008
Ok... why do people have to take things so seriously?! Yes, i just made this account when i saw all of my 'Fuck Everyone' posts here. Because, obviously the people of this site have to turn anything that you don't see more then once a week, into news. Yeah you know what, here's a new one. Fuck you guys for not being able to take a joke.

And for those of you who actually follow how it was supposed to go and be entertaining, here's one of my latest.

'Fuck the drug addicts! You're weak willed and can't handle reality, therefore you have no right to be in it! And i don't care about "OH i had a stressful day, i need some pot!" BIG FUCKING DEAL! The rest of the world had a stressful day, it's called, LIFE!

You could say: "I have an ok life, but life is sometimes sad, so i had a stressful day, you know what? I'm going to go home and sleep" NO! YOU HAVE TO WHIP OUT THE CRACK! Nobody in life handles their problems anymore, everywhere i look, i see some asshole poppin' a pill to cure their problems!'

Ok i'm done here! But before i go, i will say it again! WE ARE NOT FUCKING ANGSTY 15 YEAR OLDS! We just try to liven shit up by telling others in a comical way, about those bastards that we hate. I can't believe that you stupid people, can't take a joke and have to think we're angsty emo bastards, because we decided that these types of people, are fuckers. And as you all should probably know, THEY ARE! Seriouslly i personally hate celebreties to a huge degree...
on Mar 04, 2008
Eheheh... Ignore my silly friend. *Slaps him lightly on the back of the head*. I apologize for the inconvenience, and even though I'm happy the topic is being spread, I would have appreciated it if you would have asked permission before spreading it. Okay, Uncle R?

You got my permission now of course...

And we are NOT ANGSTY! I'm sorry you feel that way, but I'm sure that if you look up, you will see that stereotypes are terrible things. Basically, you just said that all kids who choose to rant this way are bad people. We just feel very emotional towards things we hate, and choose to express it in the form we choose, in this case, F*CK (So-and-so). Please don't be so quick come to conclusions based solely on what you read, especially when you don't know any of us.
on Mar 05, 2008
What the Frack? How did this get up here?! Who posted this up? *glares at Dragon* It seems kinda wierd how this is up... And the people who wrote this aren't angsty emo kids! They are just stating the truth that the Media gives out, but some people are too null to realize, or just ignore it, because it's obvious... And Volume One?!? Dragon... And who the Hell called them angsty emo kids in the first place!?! ...