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get in on now while you can
Published on September 13, 2007 By relswick In Business
The Detroit Metro area has been on the move the past couple of years trying to get with the 21st century and move beyond just the Automotive Sector.

There are a LOT of high tech businesses and talent in the Detroit Metro area (Ann Arbor sort of included here) and there are a LOT of amazing people in the area doing some amazing things. Stardock is just one of those companies. Ever watch an automotive commercial on TV? A LOT of them are made right here in Detroit!

Anyhow, take a look at this site and see what is going on and where Detroit is going in the future! Perhaps maybe one day Michigan will no longer be known as the state where "all your friends move to another state".

on Sep 14, 2007
oh yea, here is another couple sites about things going on in Detroit:


There is also a networking event on Tuesday the 18th at Stage 3 productions in Warren, MI!

Info for the event is at