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Well, this game may be close, except that the cars are not customizable
Published on April 3, 2005 By relswick In MMORPG
Way back in the day, there was one of those totally awesome RPGs called Autoduel, which was based on a board game by Steve Jackson called Car Wars.

Well, NCsoft Link is making a game, which is what I would envision an Autoduel remake!.

I just read the review of the game in Computer Gaming World magazine and it looks to be an almost right on knock off of the SJG classic! Looks like custimizable cars and even arenas to fight in later on. Now the question is, will there be an RPG element to it or not. Will you be able to shoot a 360 degrees, oil slicks, etc...

I suppose I need to browse the community and check it out.
I signed up for the Beta, although I don't expect to get in.

Other games I wish would get a remake: Shadowrun!

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